Transcend Corporation was founded in 1971. Transcend Corporation was among the first companies in this country to offer powder coating as an alternative to liquid paint. Our 13,000 square foot plant is equipped with an overhead conveyer, a three stage washer with a large dry-off oven, and a painting booth with four reciprocating automatic guns that can be reinforced with up to three additional hand guns if necessary.

The system is capable of coating parts measuring up to 9 feet long, 4 1/2 feet high, and over a foot wide and is versatile enough to handle relatively short runs as well as long runs (up to 60,000 pieces per day is not unusual.)

In addition to powder coating Transcend offers a burn-off service in which items can be stripped of unwanted paint and other materials. Examples include: painting fixtures, paint rejects, and dip baskets and racks used in transformer manufacture.

If your metal finishing needs include an attractive, durable high quality coating, along with fast service and reasonable cost then Transcend Corporation is your source of satisfaction.

Phone: 847.395.6630